Blakeslee has been providing sanitary and energy efficient machines for your dishwashing needs since 1880. We offer undercounter dishwashers, Hood, Rack and Flight Type models. 

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Blakeslee has the perfect Planetary Mixers for your foodservice operation. Choose from 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 quart mixers that are sanitary and durable. Paired with optional accessories you can knead, mix, whip or whisk ingredients safely.   

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Potato & Vegetable Peelers

Blakeslee potato and vegetable peelers will streamline your foodservice operations. Perfectly peel and wash large quantities of up to 60 lbs of potatoes and vegetables in 1 to 3 minutes safely. Safe, sanitary and efficient to use!

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Silverware Burnishers

Blakeslee SilverSaver™ Burnishers can revitalize and restore your stainless steel flatware, hollow ware or silverware to a brighter and more polished luster. Simple to use, quiet to operate and built to last Blakeslee Burnishers will extend the lifespan of your stainless steel flatware.

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Can your dishwasher sanitize and safely protect your employees and patrons?

Blakeslee High Temp Dishwashers are certified to NSF/ANSI standards, providing a high level of sanitation. Blakeslee uses 160° F water temperature for the wash cycle and 180-195° F water temperature for the final rinse cycle that can clean and assist in the transmission of disease via food wares.

Blakeslee commercial dishwashers in combination with cleaning products provide the highest levels of efficacy to ensure that dishes, flatware and glasses will be safe to use to use in foodservice applications.

Sanitize and safely protect your employees and patrons with Blakeslee Dishwashers!

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