A History of Innovation and Manufacturing Milestones.

Hand dish and pot washing were the only options for the roadhouses, hotels and restaurants of the day. In 1880, George S. Blakeslee began to invent the first mechanical dish washing machine and became the founding father of the industry. George spent the next 15 years perfecting his first commercial machine and the sixth edition was successfully in production. Each machine was hand built by skilled craftsmen and were sold all over the U.S to larger restaurant operators. 

Blakeslee’s next major advancement came in the early 20th Century when George developed the first rackless, continuous conveyor type dish machine, known as a Flight-Type Dishwasher. Flight-Type machines allowed for continuous loading and washing of dishware, glassware, flatware, pots and pans. 

Long distance shipping of heavy equipment was difficult and time consuming. In order to improve shipping and serve the market, George opened a Blakeslee Company plant to serve the Canada market in 1912. George Blakeslee was one of the first U.S. manufacturers to recognize the importance of the Canadian market. 

Four generations of the Blakeslee Family remained dedicated to the growth of their Chicago-based dishwasher manufacturing business, with knowledge and experience that was passed down from generation to generation. During this era, Blakeslee became known in the rapidly expanding foodservice industry as “The Experts” in dishwashing machine design and manufacturingCanadian market. 

In the 1950s and 1960s the Blakeslee product line was expanded to include motorized kitchen equipment, including: planetary mixers, vegetable peelers and food slicers. The same attention to detail, product testing and innovative manufacturing methods went into the development of this labor-saving food preparation equipment.

Blakeslee also expanded manufacturing, engineering and support personnel by hiring only the best talent. The combination of old school knowledge, real world experience, plus fresh ideas and critical thinking kept Blakeslee in the forefront of dishwashing and prep equipment design and manufacturing.

Today, Blakeslee continues to perfect their dishwasher line by offering state-of-the-art electronic controls and offering a full product line of commercial dishwashing equipment, that are energy efficient and reduce the consumption of water & chemicals used. Choose from various models such as: Hood/Door Type DishwashersUndercounter Warewashers Wash & StoreRack Type  and Flight Type Dishwashers.