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Blakeslee equipment is warranted for one year from date of installation shown above against defective materials and workmanship. If any defects are found within the warranty period; parts, and labor involved with their replacement will be covered free of charge. Service must be performed by a Blakeslee authorized service agency. All labor to be performed during regular working hours. Overtime premium will be charged to the customer. All warranty parts are shipped by surface transportation. If other means of transportation is requested the customer is required to pay the premium. This warranty does not apply to damages resulting from errors in installation on the part of other contractors, nor does it apply to machines which have been subject to accident, misuse, or abuse. It is understood that Blakeslee’s warranty obligation with respect to machines located outside of the United States or located in the state of Alaska is limited to the furnishing of replacement parts only. In the state of Hawaii, repair labor is provided free of charge; travel time and expenses paid by the customer. On the island of Oahu, repair labor, travel time and expenses are provided free of charge. This is the entire and only warranty of Blakeslee. We neither assume nor authorize anyone else to assume for us any other obligation or liability in connection with Blakeslee Machines.

In no case can this warranty exceed eighteen (18) months from the date of shipment from our plant at Waynesboro, GA.

Items NOT Covered Under Warranty

1. Replacing Fuses or Resetting Overloads.

Replacing a blown fuse or resetting an open overload breaker is a very simple procedure and is the owner’s responsibility. If the machine continues to blow fuses or open the overload breaker, contact your nearest authorized Blakeslee Service Center.

2. Adjusting Tank Heats.

Heat adjustments are covered in The Owners Manual and must be adjusted depending upon desired results.

3. Proper Loading of Dishes.

It is important that the machine owner’s personnel observe the instructions outlined in The Owners Manual.

4. Cleaning Drain Valves.

Foreign articles lodged in the drain valve seat should be removed as a part of the normal daily cleaning.

5. Cleaning Rinse or Wash Nozzles and Line Strainers.

Keeping a dishwasher clean and removing obstructions from the nozzles and line strainers will be a periodic function of the machine owner’s personnel. The cleaning periods will vary depending upon impurities in the water supply and cleanliness of the washing operation.

6. Final Rinse Water.

Most frequent of all complaints in any dishwashing machine is that of poor final rinse. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide 180 to 195 degree (plus) water at 15-25 lb. flow pressure through clean unobstructed water lines. If the machine has a factory equipped final rinse water booster, the owner must supply the booster with a minimum of 140 degree temperature water.

7. Maintenance and Operations.

Damages as a result of failure to follow proper maintenance and operation procedures.

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