• 60 racks per hour /50 second cycle
  • Water consumption per rack 0.73 (gal) 2.8 (L)
  • Inlet water temperature 105°F, 40°C
  • Perfecta-Rinse - 85°C sanitizing rinse every cycle
  • Operating Cycle One is 50 seconds and Cycle Two is 180 seconds
  • Drain pump and rinse aid pump are built-in
  • Built-in 9000 Watt booster heater 
  • 2700 Watt wash tank heater
  • Triple filtering system to capture soil and debris 
  • Removable upper and lower wash and rinse arms 
  • Hood operated start and stop controls 
  • Easily converted from straight-through to space-saving corner installation
  • Pump power, maximum flow rate - 1.2HP/ 900 Watt, 132 (gal/min)
  • Exterior and interior is constructed of stainless steel 
  • D-3000HP-1, 220-240V/60Hz/1Ph Total Amps 45A - 41.3A
  • D-3000HP-3, 220-240V/60Hz/3Ph Total Amps 26A - 23.8A
  • Power required is 9900 Watts

    *220-240V/50Hz, 380-415V/50Hz and 380-415V/60Hz International models are available as a special order. To order, please contact SALES@GREENFIELDWORLD.COM
  • 25.63" W x 29" D x 55.38" H* (650mm x 735mm x 1405m)
  • *Note add clearance height of 74" (1880mm) with hood open
  • Unit weight: 220lbs (100 kg)
Shipping Specifications
  • 37" W x 41" D x 63" H (940mm x 1041mm x 1600mm)
  • Shipping weight: 285lbs (129kg)  

For more information on how to order or an estimate please contact Sales@BlakesleeInc.com or call 630.532.5021


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