Need a heavy-duty solution for those tough-to-clean stock and sauce pots, baking or roasting pans and all those kitchen utensils that need to be cleaned and sanitized? Available with your choice of general purpose and specialty racks, Blakeslee Pot and Utensil Washers can handle the job in a single pass, without presoaking or manual scrubbing.

Blakeslee means Durability

Blakeslee Pot Washers are designed and manufactured to the highest performance and reliability standards, with the best materials available, by skilled craftsmen proud of our heritage of innovation and quality! Only Blakeslee Pot & Utensil Washers feature:

  • Our own stainless steel high pressure and high volume wash pump
  • A heavy-duty stainless steel welded frame that provides tank stability and extra strength.
  • Two heavy-duty lift-out scrap screens are mounted over the tank, four on PT-301 models.
  • We keep it simple with an easy-to-remove manual drain valve.

Blakeslee means Ease of Use

Safety and better working conditions are key to employee efficiency and reducing staff turnover. Blakeslee Pot & Utensil Washers are easier to load, unload, clean and maintain with:

  • Dual-spring counterbalanced lift-up door is easy to open and close.
  • Lower wash and rinse spray arms and upper wash arms are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • A safety cut-off switch stops the wash or rinse cycle when the door is opened.
  • Controls are mounted at eye level for easy access.

Blakeslee means Efficiency

Blakeslee Pot & Utensil Washers are designed to be energy and water efficient.

  • The PT-301 two-rack model can be ordered with a single tank switch for washing a single rack.
  • When steam is available, steam injection or steam coil heated tanks can be specified to reduce water-heating costs.

Blakeslee means Modular Design Flexibility

Blakeslee Door-Type Dish Machines are compact and designed to fit the space and layout constraints of any dishroom or work area.

  • Choice of front loading or pass-through models.
  • Choice of single or double rack models [pass through only].
  • Available in 208, 240 or 440/480 3-phase models.

Additional Options Include:

  • Built in electric or steam heated Water Booster Heater
  • Built-in Vent Fan
  • Hold-Down Grids for small utensils.
  • Racks for sheet pans, utensils, cake pans and general use, plus custom racks.

Blakeslee means Performance

Blakeslee Pot & Utensil Washers outperform competitive models, with:

  • A powerful 7.5 horsepower [single rack] or 10 horsepower [double rack] pump provides high-pressure wash and rinse of greasy, baked-on soils.
  • Separate, precision-engineered wash and rinse spray arms that ensure thorough cleaning & sanitation.
  • Spring assisted door makes loading and unloading fast and easy.

Blakeslee Pot & Utensil Washer Model & Rack Cleaning Guide

Our flexible modular design can be customized to fit the space, layout and structural constraints of any dishroom.

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