• 240 to 340 racks per hour
  • Equipped with Heat Recovery and Double-Skinned Dryer 
  • Water consumption per hour 138 (gal), 520 (L)
  • Fill inlet water temperature 140°F, 60°C
  • Rinse inlet water temperature 50°F, 10°C
  • Operating cycles: Prewash is 165°F/72°C, Chemical Rinse is 165°F/72°C, Rinse Cycle is 180°F/82°C
  • Wash tank heater is 18,000 Watts 
  • Digital controls with IPX5 security, providing additional protection from water contact 
  • Wash Tank capacity is 22.45 (gal), 85 (L) 
  • Drain pump features include: Break tank safety system, vacuum breaker, sloped radial wash tank
  • Self-cleaning vertical wash pump
  • Two speed traction system with built-in clutch
  • Stainless steel surface filters easily removed without detaching wash arms
  • Insulated stainless steel boilers to reduce thermal loss
  • RC-64-3 HR +DR99, 208V/220-240V/60Hz/3Ph, 480V/60Hz/3Ph Amps 216.7A to 93.5A, 67,920 watts
  • 102.5" W x 31.6" D x 82.5" H (2604mm x 805mm x 2090mm)
  • Unit Weight: 1012lbs (459kg) 
Shipping Specifications
  • 111" W x 40" D x 92" H (2819mm x 1016mm x 2337mm)
  • Shipping weight: 1187lbs (538kg)  



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